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Insisto en que este juego me encanta

it's awesome, it's a pretty short game but was fantastic have a good time playing

I loved this game! even though it was written in german i still thought it was a good game! I translated the text for everyone who want to read it in english;)

This is a great game.

We really enjoyed it.

The atmosphere is so good.

We even made an english subtitle for it:

Maybe it can help you translate the game.

Keep up the good work!!!

This was fun and I didnt mind the german text. :D 

Creepy atmosphere! Lookin forward to when it's in English so i can understand it XD

German is pretty hard....

Had to use google translate a lot lol. Not gonna lie the game could benefit a lot more from having more jumpscare moments throughout.  With a little but more work this game could be fantastic.

Very creepy game, I liked the atmosphere!

Will be nice to have in an English version,  my German isn't that good but I did understand most of it. 

I tried it out, interesting game! Wish I could read german, but I just read that it might change in the future so i'll definitely check it out! Very ambitious! 

This was very well made! It delivered the atmosphere nicely and allowed me to get super spooked without immediately throwing something in my face. It left a sort of uneasy feeling upon completion too, like something isn't right. If only I could read what it all said. xD Please excuse my poor attempt at reading it. Great game! Wouldn't change a thing!

Love this game im big on jumpscares and creepy story! Great stuff ty ;)

Reminded me of Annabelle, the demon possessed doll lol. I don't speak german but I was able to finish! Great game so far!

Привет студентики! Сделал обзор на вашу игру. Понравилась атмосфера и содержание. Хотелось бы увидеть развитие игры и поправленные баги. Игра очень заинтересовала сюжетом!

1.Muy buen video me encanto


Enjoy the Played game! 재밌게 플레이 했어요 :)


Best Game Of 2018


This was a very interesting horror game!  Great job on the atmosphere and everything! :D 


You got a time frame when the english version comes out? Take your time of course, but I am curious lol


Unfortunately not really, there are a few things we have problems with right now, but we'll be sure to fix that, and also we want to add a bit of new content.


No worries, take your time! Looks like i will have to play the version out now then play again when the English version comes out! Just make sure to let me know when it releases!! lol


Manque de screamer mais l'univers est sympa !

War ein sehr geiles game  Freue mich auf die zukunft :D


good game
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Dying for an English version!

I was 2 minutes away from simply translating everything myself for a Lumps Play but decided it'd take too much time.

I'm following! Let me know when it's English if you want :D Cheers




Wirklich ein sehr schönes Game :) Bin sehr gespannt was ihr draus macht.

Ich schätze das Ende ist so gewollt bzw noch nicht fertig? Freue mich jedenfalls auf mehr!



This was very very creepy! well made and i wish i knew what the text said but nevermind! was a fun little game so great job on creating this!! :D


guten morgen ihr lieben freue mich drauf dieses spiel zu spielen kurze frage noch vorweg wäre es möglich mir ein paar hochauflösende screenshots und das logo in png form zukommen zu lassen ?

mfg Enzo


Klar, können wir gerne machen, wäre nur interessant zu wissen was dann damit passiert :D


ist nur fürs thumbnail von nem youtube video :D

also wie sieht es aus :D

Wo können wir dir die schicken?

Deleted post

Gave it a go...


Gefällt mir richtig gut. :)

Nur soll das so sein, wenn man länger auf dem Schaukelpferd steht, dass dieses abhebt und in der Decke verschwindet? 

Fand das zumindest sehr amüsant. ^^

Nein, das soll natürlich nicht so sein :D, fanden wir abe selber auch sehr amüsant. Ist einer dieser bugs bei denen ich nicht mal weiß, wie das überhaupt passieren kann. Werde es so bald wie möglich fixen. Danke auch für dein Feedback!


Beautiful concept, keep it up guys ;)


3D TV VR box google cardboard side by side sbs stereoscopic 3D


after watching many of the videos here, the game looks very well done! too bad not yet in English but in my opinion, language is universal & i think with enough attention things would make sense as you go.. (you can always attempt to translate as you go on the side until there is updated language availability) however I love to watching horror foreign  &  indi films  with subtitles in another language while their speaking the same language & i start to pick up whats going on whether or not i fully understand what is being said/ or written in text.    seemingly great atmosphere and build up. there's def a cool story going on.  just cant understand it yet LOL  I have to play this. I'll be back with my thoughts soon enough :)  aside. bravo  to the Devs! great work


Yes I would say an English version would certainly help.  I will wait for that to happen and it will be on the list for my channel, looks spooky and I love a good story :)


We're working on that! And also a lot of fixes. This was just a students project and we've worked on that for just about 3  months. Let's see what we can turn this into.


This game has bags of potential to become a really good horror game! It's a shame the in game text isn't English. And the game is a little short. But you need to try it out! The graphics are great and it's very atmospheric! 

If you want to see gameplay before downloading it you can so here:


Very atmospheric. The game is great, i only wish i knew German. Could use a few more spooks, but overall it's pretty good.

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